Breaking Down the Barrier to Entry

What a world road cycling has become. $200+ bibs. $150+ jerseys. Will they make you happy? Maybe. Can you be happy without them? Yes.

Before every team kit, shop kit, or fashion kit is your first kit. We developed The Black Bibs Project as a way to bring down the cost of trying cycling. We found that there are affordable kits out there but they ship from across the world and you rely on an Illustrator mock to order something you think you will like. Our bibs ship straight from Virginia to you and were developed by us - real riders who want comfortable and fast kit. We promise you will like this stuff and you will love how much they cost.

The bibs are based on the Starlight Pro pattern and made in our Starlight factory. We've used the chamois in thousands of pairs of bibs and shorts over the years.

                                                                                  - Stratton


Stratton Delany