"I just wanted to let you know that I am liking the Black Bibs I recently purchased. The quality of the bibs along with the price are exactly what I'm looking for. I have some Assos bibs that were gifted to me and are nice but I would have never paid that kind of price on my own. Last week I wore our team kit and there was a marked difference in the comfort (yours being much more comfortable) I think manufacturers of bikes, cycling shoes, clothing and other cycling related gear have lost touch with the regular everyday rider. I'm glad you have come out with a quality product that is affordable to us blue collar riders."

                                                                                        - Tom, Stafford, VA

"I am honestly blown away. These black bibs are the most comfortable bibs I have ever tried. The length is perfect, fit and stretch are perfect, the chamois feels thick but not too thick."

                                                                                        - Jeff, Corpus Christi, TX

"I admittedly am a newbie, I have been riding less than a year. I am a big guy, The black bibs I ordered are just my second pair of bibs, the other being a name brand that I found on sale that cost approximately $100. These are by far as good if not substantially better than the name brand. At the price it will not be my last pair. "

                                                                               - David, Statesville, NC

"One high intensity interval trainer ride into the new bibs and I can already tell you that I LOVE the fit and comfort of the bibs. Zero unfriendly friction or rub points and super comfortable pad without excessive bulk... I have already shared my thoughts with a couple of buddies and I will be a repeat customer!"

                                                                                         - Scott, Prattville, AL

" I got a pair for Christmas. Just started wearing them a week ago, in over a decade of cycling. This is the best pair of bibs I have ever worn or had."

                                                                                          - Tony, Maryville, TN

" I ordered a pair for my husband, thought I would use him as a tester. There is no other bib even close to this pricepoint. And he likes and wears them all the time. It is actually nice to have a plain black pair of bibs without having stuff all over them. If you wear baggies over them, as I usually do in summers, then it doesn’t matter. But even when I am road riding, the material is thick enough that they don’t get too translucent. I highly recommend, give them a try. "

                                                                                          - Lynn, Fredericksburg, VA

" Been riding 30 years now. Best bibs ever. Have two pair."

                                                                                          - Tim, Concord, NC